Three Things To Remember When Buying An Automobile Cleaning Equipment


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It is remarkably easy these days to buy car wash equipment. Log on to the Internet, do a bit of research, find a good website, and select a suitable machine.

The only thing you need to have is a credit card, check, or even an electronic money transfer facility. You will get the machines in a few days or in a couple of weeks or so. However, the ease of purchase should not fool anyone to believe that all the car wash equipment available on the Internet are of superior quality.

As in the real world, the Internet also has many fraudulent sellers. The number of such sellers is more on the Internet than in the brick and mortar businesses. So, how can you find the right car wash equipment? Well, here are three essential tips.

Tip 1: Heated output

The most important specification for a pressure cleaner is obviously output pressure. It determines the output power of the machine, but output temperature is also equally important. It is particularly important, if the machine is going to be used as a car wash equipment.

Car pressure washers are used in vehicle detailing for cleaning the hard surfaces, namely the vehicle body and engine components. An important thing about using pressure washing machines for auto detailing is you should not use a machine with an output pressure of more than 1500 psi.

This is not an extremely powerful output, but a decent one to wash away most kinds of dirt and impure substances present on an automobile. If the pressure level higher than this is used, then there will be detrimental effects. For instance, a high-powered output can peel off the paint of the body. There is a limit up to which you can exert power on a vehicle body. Now, how can you increase the cleaning efficiency of car pressure washers?

Well, there are many kinds of pressure wash systems available, such as hot water, cold water, or steam pressure washing machines. Pressure wash systems especially made to use as car wash equipment with an output steam temperature of up to 250ºF are best for the purpose. Some of the sophisticated machines for auto detailing even provide an output temperature of 330°F or a dry vapor output of up to 386°F.

These portable car wash machines can remove dirt buildup and impurities that may not be removed with just the cold water high pressure output.

Tip 2: Low flow machines

When buying power cleaner machines for portable car wash, you must make sure that the machines have a low flow rate. A flow rate of under 3 gpm is a good target. The lower the flow rate, lower the water runoff.

Tip 3: Do's and don’ts

Pressure wash machines are ideal for hard surface cleaning. For cleaning the soft interior surfaces, car carpet cleaner machines and upholstery cleaners are the best. By choosing multiple wands, you can use a single machine as a portable carpet cleaner and also as upholstery cleaners.

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