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Three Tips to Buy the Best Grout Steam Cleaner

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Grout steam cleaners are among the best machines for cleaning tile and grout. Their high temperature outputs make them the most attractive machines for many hard surface cleaning tasks. These days, almost every cleaning machine is made for specialized tasks. The problem with the specialization is that people without sufficient know-how in the cleaning industry might end up buying a machine for a specialized task when what they require is something else entirely.

This can happen with the buying of grout steam cleaner machines too. For example, there are steam cleaning machines specially made for cleaning hotels and hospitals. These machines have antibacterial technologies and HEPA filters. While there is no harm in using these machines for tile and grout cleaning, these machines may not have some of the other required features for the job.

The following are some tips to buy the most suitable grout steam cleaner machines.

High Temperature Output
The first thing a steam cleaner for concrete cleaning should have is a high temperature output. The temperature should be high enough to melt and dissolve dirt and impurities hidden inside the joints and gaps between tiles. The latest models of steam cleaning machines that are specially made as grout steam cleaner machines have output temperatures as high as 386°F.

Another advantage of the high temperature output is the low liquid content of the output. When water is heated to such a high temperature, the liquid vapor content is very small—often less than 5%. That means the quantity of liquid water transferred to the surface is very low. As a result, these steam cleaners use less water during the cleaning process, ideal for areas where drainage facilities aren’t available.

Large Boiler Tanks
The boiler tank is one of the most important parts of grout steam cleaner. It is better to have machines with a large a boiler. Machines with boiler sizes ranging from 4 liters to 14 liters are available at present. For tile and grout cleaning, it is better to use machines with boilers with a capacity of 10 liters.

When buying tile and grout cleaning machines, another thing to check is the heating element of the boilers. Boilers with replaceable heating elements are the smart option. Otherwise, one has to replace the entire boiler tank when the heating element gets damaged. It is not at all cost-effective.

Quality Components
Buyers must ensure that grout steam cleaner machines are made of strong and sturdy components. The boiler tank and the cabinet of the machine must be made of high-quality stainless steel. Because these machines come mostly in contact with concrete and other surfaces, machines made of low-quality materials are prone to suffer wear and tear quickly.

Similarly, detail brushes and other accessories should have good quality too. It is wiser to buy small detail brushes as these allow the workers to clean even narrow areas. Small brushes are cheaper than the bigger ones too.



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