Three Tips To Choose Bus Cleaning Pressure Washers

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Pressure wash machines are well known as efficient hard surface cleaners. It is safe to say that there are no better alternatives than these machines at present to clean hard surfaces.

Cleaning buses and other automobiles does not come strictly under the category of hard surface cleaning. That is one of the reasons why it is important to do some research before purchasing bus cleaning pressure washers.

The following are some useful tips that would help a prospective buyer to make the right choice.

Tip 1: High pressure or low pressure
If you ask any cleaning industry expert about power washers, you are likely to get a standard reply that output pressure is the most vital feature of the machine. They are likely recommend buying a machine with maximum output pressure. This tip, however, does not help a person who is looking for bus cleaning pressure washers.

The output pressure should not be too low, so as to make the cleaning inefficient. At the same time, it should not be too high to cause peeling off of paint from vehicle body.

In short, the best bus cleaning pressure washers should use output pressure over 1500 psi for the fastest results.

Tip 2: Low flow machines
Flow rate is an important consideration in vehicle cleaning. For an ordinary power washer machine, the equation is simple. Normally, the higher the pressure level, the higher the flow rate. For auto detailing in general, the flow rate should be lower if the job requires mobile cleaning, but bus or truck cleaning require high pressure and flow rates.

Industrial pressure washer machines with high flow rate tend to deposit more water onto the ground than those emitting a higher flow of water.

What you need for vehicle cleaning is a commercial pressure washer with a flow rate as low as possible. Ideally, the flow rate of the industrial pressure washer for mobile vehicle detailing can be less than 3 gpm.

Another important aspect is the output temperature of the pressure washer machine. A hot water pressure washer is perhaps the most popular choice for auto detailing. Machines that offer steam output have an even lower flow rate. Either steam or hot water pressure washer machines are suitable for this task.

Tip 3: Power source
A pressure washer machine for cleaning buses can have any kind of usual power source: electricity, gasoline, propane, or even diesel. One important fact is that gas pressure washer machines can work anywhere. The same cannot be said about a commercial pressure washer that runs on electricity. It requires a source of electric power and may not be suitable for outdoor use, unless you add a portable generator.

The bottom line is that if you plan to offer mobile bus cleaning service, it is better to opt for gas pressure washer machines. Otherwise, bus cleaning pressure washers with any type of power source would be fine.

Make a wise choice and select the best machine for cleaning buses. Select machines from the best brands and get the best results. Research thoroughly before buying cleaning equipment.


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