Three Tips to Make A Commercial Carpet Cleaner More Eco Friendly

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The modern industrial convention has one motto that all machines have to be eco-friendly. A commercial carpet cleaner is not in any way an exception to this general rule. It is as eco-friendly as it can practically get.

As a cleaning machine, it should not cause any harm to the environment. If it does so, it would be better not to use these machines. The dirt that a not-so environment friendly machine removes might be less harmful than the toxic residues it leaves after cleaning.

Among the cleaning machines available at present, a rug cleaner can become the least eco-friendly. The reason is that a commercial carpet cleaner does require the help of a cleaning agent for effective cleaning.

There are many ways to make the commercial carpet cleaner more eco-friendly. Following are three simple tips to make these machines more friendly to the environment.

Tip 1: Use heated output
One way to minimize the use of cleaning agents is to use a commercial carpet cleaner that provides heated output. Some of the modern rug cleaners are equipped with a heating element. These machines provide a hot water output temperature of up to 210°F. Although it is not a very high temperature, it is ideal for carpet and fabric upholstery cleaning.

Cleaning agents work on the carpet surfaces to disrupt the bond between the dirt and carpets. Heated output works very well in conjunction with cleaning agents, which are always required even if a commercial eco friendly carpet cleaner with a heated output is used.

Tip 2: Do not use synthetic chemicals
The main sources of toxic residues of cleaning agents are synthetic chemicals. Not even its manufacturers are sure how these chemicals are going to break up after the reaction inside a carpet or mat. This is the reason why no one can rule out the presence of toxic residues in places where these substances are used.

They may provide quick cleaning options and good cleaning efficiency, but it is always better to stay away from synthetic chemicals.

Tip 3: Use green chemicals
It is a fact that an industrial carpet cleaner requires the help of a cleaning agent. Even the best carpet cleaner needs the help of cleaning agents. If synthetic chemicals have to be avoided at all costs, you should opt for green chemicals. These are cleaning agents derived from plants and vegetables. These products do not contain a single artificial element. Green products do not leave any toxic residues on the surface. Furthermore, they increase the efficiency of the carpet cleaning machines. They improve the performance of even the best carpet cleaner.

There are many who doubt the cleaning power of green chemicals. In reality, these are used in industrial truck mounted carpet cleaner machines too. There are different types of products for different functions. When choosing green products, care must be exercised to choose a genuine product. If the company that offers the carpet cleaning machines supplies green chemicals too, then look no further.


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