Tianjin Hangu Dongtuo Area


Courtesy of Sweco

Conceptual plan for a new urban area. According to the master plan, Dongtuo area is going to contain the administrative functions of Hangu, as well as the new business office area. By 2020, Dongtuo will accommodate a major part of the population growth from the existing 120,000 to the planned 250,000 for the Hangu city area. Development of Dongtuo area is also the first step of transformation of salt production areas into an urban built environment. It sets new standards, a new framework and new rules for the transformation of this area.

Based on sustainable development principles, the plan suggests an integrated transportation, greenery and public facility belt to form an 'innovation valley' that connects the old city to the tourism development at the seashore, so that the planned Dongtuo area will act as the urban innovation engine for the development of Hangu New City.


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