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Tideflex Valves - No Problem Solving Difficult Scenarios


Square openings, existing fixings, angled walls, difficult access? Tideflex can engineer solutions for problematic retrofit and flap valve replacements every time.

MeasurIT have been providing solutions to drainage outfall valve problems for almost 20 years. It doesn't matter if you need to retrofit a valve to a square opening, align it with existing fixings or drilled holes, or fix it to an angled wall - we have come across almost every scenario conceivable, and engineered a solution that works.

Tideflex check valves have been in production since the 1980s and are being continually improved as technology evolves. Tideflex Technologies engineers are available to advise on solutions to non-standard applications and provide design drawings for valve installations. Our valves come in flanged and non-flanged versions and can be clamped or drilled onto pipes depending on the scenario. A thimble plate (straight or angled) is used to attach the valves headwalls - even square cuffs are possible

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