Time saved is money earned - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

When spring arrives the garden centre Æ Gårne feels it immediately. Thousands of customers spend the first warm days searching for new plants and garden tools for their garden projects this year. This swirl of activity also makes the staff busy in the warehouse, where they quickly unpack goods delivered and move them into the sales areas. Left in the stock area are heaps of cardboard, plastic, and other combustible waste, which must to be sorted before it is sent to combustion or recyckling. Æ Gårne generates in total 30-40 tons of waste every year.

“Just until last year we collected all waste in small tipping containers which were emptied into a compactor. This compactor could contain approx. 10 tons of waste, which was taken to combustion at the refuse disposal plant, where we had to pay a fee of 135 Euro per tonne”, says Sten Tønder, head of department.

For about 20 years all waste was handled like this. Suddenly the refuse disposal plant informed Æ Gårne that they had to sort cardboard and plastic separately. In the beginning they put plastic waste into boxes but this turned out to be a very expensive solution, and it also took up a lot of space.

Amazing baler
In February 2008 Æ Gårne therefore decided to buy a baler for plastic waste. Bramidan was chosen as supplier because Æ Gårne already had good experience with one of the company’s compactors. The choice fell on one of the bigger models, the X30, which was placed directly in the goods reception. In this way the employees could easily throw the waste directly into the baler after unpacking.

“Now unpacking and sorting waste was much faster, and therefore we ordered another X30 to handle the cardboard waste”, says Sten Tønder, adding that the old compactor is still used for combustible.

Noticeably improvements
According to Sten Tønder there is no doubt that the two X30 balers have introduced improvements and made workdays a lot easier! “It is easier to unpack and sort waste when the balers are right next to you. We do not need to empty the small containers all the time - things just go a lot quicker now. You close the door of the machine and push the botton. That’s it! We save about one hour every day”, he says and adds that sorting waste also meas income on recyclable materials”.

Facts about Æ Gårne
The garden centre Æ Gårne is placed near Sønderborg in Denmark. The garden centre opened in 1988 and sells a lot of things for use in the garden, flowers, flower jars, bird seeds and garden tools. They have between 5-10 employees - depending on the time of year.

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