Tips and Suggestion for Waste Styrofoam Recycling

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Styrofoam is widely used in a lot of fields, including packaging material, such as food packaging material, express packaging material and electronic products packaging materials. Styrofoam is a rigid foam often found in packaging and take-away containers. But Styrofoam need take more than 1 million years to decompose and it is often not cost-effective to recycle. So styrofoam recycling is very important.

So environmentally, the best course of action is to avoid buying products with Styrofoam packaging and to avoid purchasing items online that need to be packaged and shipped. But now, accumulating some Styrofoam is almost inevitable. So what will we do with it when you recycle Styrofoam with us? Well, INTCO is a EPS (Styrofoam) recycling company, and will buy waste Styrofoam all over the world. Besides, we are Styrofoam recycling compactor and densifier manufacturer. We feed the white, unsoiled blocks of Styrofoam into the machine, which could condenses it to roughly 1/90th of its original volume, slowing spitting it out, like frozen yogurt.

A furniture company have bought Styrofoam densifier, and they used to fill 3 dumpsters in less than a week. They were paying to have the 3 dumpsters emptied twice a week costing $60 per dump-that’s 360 per week. Once they found Styrofoam densifier, they were able to reduce to one trshdumpster, emptied once per week, and one Styrofoam container emptied once per week. This saved them about $200 per week in trash fees. Dave related a similar story involving a hospital that saves $4,000 per year in trash fees by recycling their foam.

Styrofoam is necessary and we need this material. Meanwhile, this material have pollution on the environment which is a trouble. But now Styrofoam recycling machines have been produced and could compact waste Styrofoam into blocks. Also, waste compacted Styrofoam blocks can be made into other products.

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