Tips To Buy Best Conveyor Belt Cleaning Machines

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Choosing the right conveyor belt cleaning machines ensures top performance and long life of conveyor belts. Similarly, choosing the right machines to clean the belts also ensures efficient performance of the machines.

If a conveyor belt breaks down during the peak business hour, it can cause all kinds of chaos. It is advisable to use the best conveyor belt cleaning machines to keep the belts in best of condition.

Here are some tips to find the best machines:

Find a suitable machine
There are many types of cleaning equipment available on the market. These include steam cleaners, pressure washers, and carpet cleaners. Which among these is best suited for cleaning conveyor belts?

Carpet cleaners are used mainly for cleaning soft surfaces, such as mats and carpets. That effectively rules out these machines for use as conveyor belt cleaning machines, as conveyor belts are made of hard materials.

Steam cleaners are used for cleaning hard surfaces. These machines clean with their high temperature output. These are used for removing stains and extracting dirt. However, cleaning conveyor belts requires much more than that.

Pressure wash systems, on the other hand, pump the output onto hard surfaces to wash away dirt and any other types of impurities from the surfaces. These machines not just clean the conveyor belts but also clean the nearby surfaces and the machine that rotates the belts. Most of these machines are specially designed for carrying out some specific cleaning tasks. Not all these machines are suitable for cleaning conveyor belts.

The following are some tips to buy the most suitable pressure washing machines for cleaning conveyor belts:

Any industrial pressure washer with a pressure level of up to 1500 psi and a flow rate of at lest 2 gpm are suitable for belt cleaning. Even, a pressure level of up to 3000 psi is also fine if the situation dictates. However, using higher pressure machines might damage the belts.

Similarly, using an industrial pressure washer with too high a flow rate is not recommended. High flow rate means a lot of water will get deposited on the floor.

Gas or electric machines?
Industrial electric pressure washers are better suited than gas-powered machines for conveyor belts. Almost all conveyor belts are located inside a building. Electric pressure washers do not produce any fumes like gas-powered pressure washing machines do. Moreover, electric machines produce less noise too.

Need for portable machines
It is advisable to buy mobile high pressure washers for washing conveyor belts. There are two kinds of portable machines, wheel attached machines and truck mountable machines. Both types of mobile pressure washers are suitable for the task.

Truck mountable machines last long, but are more expensive than wheel-attached ones. If all the conveyor belts are located inside a single building, then wheel-attached pressure wash systems would be the best conveyor belt cleaning machines. If they are located in different buildings, it is better to choose a truck-mountable machine. Make a wise choice and select the machine best suited for your cleaning task.


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