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Tips to Buy Conveyor Belt Cleaner Equipment


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Conveyer belts are widely used in the food processing and packaging industry. They are also critical to the functioning of pharmaceutical labs and drug manufacturing facilities. These industries have stringent hygiene norms and, therefore, you need to ensure that any conveyor belt cleaner you use is non-polluting and does not generate exhaust.

A conveyor belt cleaner is powered by electricity. Electricity is available in all food processing plants and, therefore, the contractor would have no problems using a machine that runs on electricity. Another special feature of a conveyor belt cleaning equipment used in the food industry is the heating device. Unlike other heating devices, which use gas, diesel or oil, a conveyor belt cleaner uses electricity for heating. Therefore, the use of this machine is highly recommended, as these machines do not generate fumes and are safe for indoor use.

A conveyor belt cleaning machine also offers other advantages, such as high temperatures, high pressure levels, and low flow. These and other advantages of using a conveyor belt cleaner are discussed below:

High Temperature
High temperature is one of the prerequisites of a machine used for cleaning conveyor belts.  Conveyor belts accumulate smatterings of grease, sugars, proteins, and other substances that are hard to wash using cold water or water at low pressure levels. These machines can reach temperatures as high as 205°F in as little as 30 seconds.

Corrosion Resistance
A conveyor belt cleaning machine that is used for industrial applications is exposed to chemicals that can damage the poor-quality machine parts. That is why you should ensure that any machine used in industrial settings has corrosion resistant casing which eliminates the likelihood of rusting and water stains. Many machines have stainless steel casing which is highly resistant to rust and other types of damage.

High Pressure
High pressure levels are able to forcefully remove grease, sugars, and similar substances from conveyor belts. A hot water pressure washer is immensely effective in removing the dirt and grime coating conveyor belts due to the powerful combination of hot water and high pressure. A steam pressure washer used for cleaning conveyor belts may reach pressure levels as high as 1700 psi. You can also purchase a steam pressure washer with lower pressure levels, if you do not require such high pressure machines for your cleaning requirements.

One of the advantages of purchasing a steam pressure washer is that you can choose the temperature levels according to the cleaning application. For example, if the conveyor belt is very grimy, you can set the temperature to “hot” for cleaning the surface with hot water.  However, if the conveyor belt is not very dirty, you can save on power costs by setting the temperature to “cold” and using coldwater to clean the surface.

Mobility is a very important factor when purchasing any kind of industrial pressure washer.  A machine that is required to clean conveyor belts might be deployed at various locations within an industrial facility. Contractors may need to transport the industrial pressure washer to other locations if they are working with different clients. That is why it is important that you purchase a portable pressure washer for cleaning conveyor belts. A portable pressure washer has also got other utilities, such as cleaning equipment, trolleys, and storage bins.

A hot water pressure washer that runs on electricity, generates no fumes, and has high pressure levels is one of the most efficient machines for cleaning conveyor belts.



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