Tips to Opt a Steam Cleaner for Gum Removal

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Among the many cleaning applications of a steam cleaner, gum removal is perhaps the easiest. The main reason for the ease of the task is the fact that steamer machines are tailor made for removing chewing gum wads. These machines have almost all the features required for carrying out the gum removal tasks successfully and effortlessly.

It must be added here that buying just about any steam cleaner may not be a good idea. Two important things with regard to gum removal are speed and efficiency. The quicker you manage to do the job, the more profits you gain. The more efficient you are at the job, the more will be the number of jobs that come to you.

How can one increase the speed and efficiency of chewing gum removal? Purchasing the most suitable machine is a right start. Here are some tips to buy the best steam cleaner for removing chewing gum. Before dealing with the tips, it would be better to look into how the gum removal process is carried out.

How to remove chewing gum
Get a vapor steamer and unleash its output to the chewing gum residue. The output will melt the gum. The next step is the extraction of the chewing gum residue. It can be done manually, with the help of a towel or a brush.

Using a vacuum cleaner is another option. Chewing gum extraction using a machine is obviously a quicker and better way than employing manual methods. Let’s move on to the tips now.

High temperature
Output temperature is the specification that defines a steam cleaner. The higher the output temperature, the more efficient will be the machine. This is applicable for gum removal too. Machines that provide high temperature output clean better and quicker.

One can find commercial steam machine that provides an output temperature as high as 386°F on the internet. Specially made vapor steaming systems for gum removal are available too.

Dry vapor output
Some sophisticated steam cleaning machines offer dry vapor output. Dry vapor means the output has liquid water content of less than 5 percent. The low water content has twin benefits. First, it makes the output sharper and in turn makes the cleaning more efficient. Second, the cleaned surfaces will dry up quickly as the liquid water content is low.

Attached vacuum
Commercial vapor steam cleaner with an attached vacuum are best suited for chewing gum removal. Specialized steam vacuum cleaner machines for removing gum always have this facility. These machines quickly melt and dissolve the gum and extract the dissolved residues at super speed. Manual removal tends to leave some part of the wads on the floor. But automated gum removal is not just perfect, but quicker too. Top steam vacuum cleaner models make the job unbelievably prompt and efficient.

Anti Bacterial Technology
Gum residues, particularly old and decayed, play host to a number of harmful microorganisms. Sometimes, just removing chewing gum alone may not be enough. The disease-causing microorganisms have to be removed as well. For this purpose, it is important to use steam cleaning machines equipped with anti bacterial technology.

The best steam cleaner for removal of chewing gum, thus, has high output temperature, dry vapor output, attached vacuum, and anti bacterial technology.

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