Tips to Select Steam Cleaners for Blinds Cleaning

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Two groups of people buy steam cleaners for blinds cleaning. The first group comprises people who have used floor steamers earlier for cleaning blinds. They know the type of machine they need and what to expect from it.

The second category belongs to people who have used some other types of machines and did not like the cleaning efficiency of the machines. These people would have learnt from their experience and now know what do they need from the machines. Regardless of which group you belong in, how do you choose the best steam cleaners for blinds cleaning? 

Choose the Right Machine
It is better to start with shattering a popular belief. Not all vapor steamers are suitable for cleaning blinds. You have to choose the right kind of steam cleaners for blinds cleaning. So, just blindly choosing the first machine that comes your way or choosing the cheapest machine of the lot will not work. 

So, how to find out the best steam cleaners for blinds cleaning. The machine should have an attached vacuum, quality filters, and handy accessories. 

Attached Vacuum
An attached vacuum is a relatively new feature available in steam cleaning equipment. Older machines did not have this facility. However, the introduction of the vacuum facility has changed the whole idea of the steam cleaning process. 

Previously, floor steamers could just melt the dirt and impure substances present on hard surfaces. The molten dirt would still remain on the surface. In other words, those machines could just displace the dirt, not extract it. Extraction was done by some other means. Some people used brushes or towels to wipe away the dirt residues, while others used a separate vacuum machine to extract the dirt. 

Today, top modern commercial steam cleaner machines are equipped with attached vacuums. These steam vacuum cleaner machines can extract the dirt immediately after the high temperature of the machine melts it. Such machines are the best blinds cleaning machines. Many of the latest steam vacuum cleaner machines have air and water filters, too. 

Quality Filters
Dust, more than dirt, causes most of the problems associated with blinds. It tends to accumulate on the blinds and just a shake is enough for the dust to spread all over the blinds. The best blinds cleaning machines should have the best filters. 

It is well known that HEPA filters are the best of the lot. The specialty of these filters is that they can extract even very small dust particles. It is advisable to choose a commercial HEPA filter steam cleaner for blinds cleaning. 

Handy accessories
The working of steam cleaning machines require many types of accessories, such as brushes and towels. Steam cleaning machines with triangular brushes and towel attachments are ideal for cleaning blinds. 

Some of the brands offer squeegee tools with industrial vapor steam cleaners as optional components. You will have to pay more, if you want to get this tool along with the machine. However, top suppliers include all required accessories with their industrial vapor steam cleaners. 

Research well, look for all the mentioned features, and then buy the best machine per your requirements and applications.


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