Tips To Select The Best Drum Cleaning Machines

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Two things separate drum cleaning machines from other cleaning equipment. First, these machines have to be highly powerful. Second, these have to be durable and capable of withstanding rough use.

What is drum cleaning?

Drum cleaning is not an easy cleaning task. Drums refer to the big barrels kept in factory and industrial areas, in which grease, oils, and other liquids required for industrial production are stored. Drums have to be cleaned when they become empty before refilling. The drum cleaning machines should be able to remove all the traces and residues of grease and oil.

If ordinary machines are used for the task, the cleaning process is likely to remain incomplete or take much time. The drums’ surfaces are rough, so the cleaning process can become cumbersome, if the right machine is not used.

Power washers are the best suited machines for the job. These machines are powerful and sturdy enough to withstand rough use. However, not all power washers are suited for this cleaning task. The following are some basic tips to buy the best drum cleaning machines.

Output power

Of the popular cleaning equipment, pressure cleaners are the most powerful. The output pressure and the consequent output power that these machines offer is unmatched in the cleaning industry. However, for cleaning drums, even the ultra powerful power washer machines have to be at their best. Modestly-powered power washers do not make good drum cleaning machines.

Both the output pressure and the output temperature of these machines should be high. If the output temperature is low, the pressure should high enough to compensate that. For example, cold water pressure washers do not offer any heated output. The output pressure of these machines ranges up to 8000 psi, depending upon the model.

It is better to use steam pressure washers for cleaning drums. Steam pressure washing machines offer an output temperature of up to 330ºF. An industrial pressure washer with around 4000 psi would be a good option for drum cleaning.

Hot water pressure washer machines are also good for cleaning drums. Many of the hot pressure washer machines offer an output temperature of 210ºF. These machines, too, can do a good job of drum cleaning with an output pressure of 4000 psi.


The second aspect of choosing an industrial pressure washer for drum cleaning is durability. The pressure washing machines should be capable of withstanding the rigors of cleaning rough surfaces. The machine, whether it is gas-powered pressure wash system or an electric pressure washer, should be made of high-quality stainless steel material.

A technology that improves the durability of these machines is automatic shut off technology. This technology can be installed in both gas-powered and electric pressure washer machines. The technology allows the operators to manage the on and off operations of the machines with ease.

If there is no output flow through the machine for a pre-set time for 30 seconds, the machine will be automatically shut off. Cleaning workers can switch the machine on by pulling the trigger of the gun. It has been found that the technology reduces the wear and tear of the machine and makes cleaning process easier.

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