Tips To Use A Car Pressure Wash System

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Do you require a car pressure washer for cleaning a vehicle? Well, the answer varies from person to person. There are people who actually use a garden hose to clean the vehicles. Some others do not even use a garden hose. Armed with a towel and a bucketful of water, they put their hands to good effect to wipe out every bit of dirt and dust from the vehicle.

So, why does one need a car pressure washer? The answer lies in the time factor and in the quality of cleaning. The above-mentioned methods consume a lot of time, not to mention the physical effort behind the job. Even if you do a great work of cleaning, it is almost impossible to clean the entire vehicle. For instance, how can you clean the engine parts with a garden hose?

The quality and time factors necessitate the use of a car pressure washer. Still, a cleaning worker has to remember two things. First, not all types of machines are suitable for cleaning vehicles. Second, a pressure cleaner is not a simple, modestly-powered machine. Its powerful output can cause many damages, if proper care is not taken.

The following are some useful tips to use car pressure washer machines.

Keep distance
A pressure washing machine is a powerful cleaning piece of equipment. The best pressure washer for vehicle cleaning would be the one with an output pressure level not exceeding 1500 psi.

You should not stand too close to the vehicle. The output of the car pressure washer may get deflected to the cleaning worker’s body. Keeping a respectable distance while using an auto detailing equipment is safe for both the vehicle and the cleaning worker.

Beware of the quality of paint
It has to be kept in mind that not every vehicle has the same quality of paint. If the vehicle has a poor paint quality, then it should be subjected to low pressure levels. The best pressure washer is the one with pressure levels not more than 1500 psi.

If you cannot reduce the pressure of the auto detailing equipment, the best option would be to stand even further from the vehicle. Certain things about vehicle cleaning will only be learned through experience.

Start from top
When using mobile car pressure wash systems, it is better to start cleaning from the top and gradually move to the bottom parts. Otherwise, you will be forced to clean the cleaned surfaces again and again.

Do not use ladders
When using power washers as mobile auto detailing machines, you should never stand on a ladder for cleaning the top parts of vehicles. As mentioned before, pressure wash machines are very powerful. The reaction when the output hits the vehicle surface might push you backward. If the person is on a ladder, there is every possibility of a fall.

Self safety
It is advisable to take every safety measure while using portable car wash equipment. The full-power output from a portable car wash power washer can easily tear off the skin and cause injuries to a person. Moreover, the high steam temperatures of upto 250°F should also be kept in mind while operating the machine. Clean your vehicles safely, or hire a professional.

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