Tire Recycling System, Tyre Recycle Plant

Courtesy of Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd

The production line technology, R & D by Wuhan Green world Technology Co., Ltd, can handling waste tire to fine rubber powder at room temperature. Overcoming the difficulty of the waste tire recycling, initiate to handle waste tire to 40-200 mesh fine rubber powder at room temperature, which indicated that Chinese industrial technology and equipment on waste tire recycling had made a historic breakthrough, reaching advanced level of the world. All process parameters in the production line are under centralized control.

Detailed Product Description
1, process tires into 30~120mesh powder
2, magnetic steel removing
3, cyclone fiber removing
4, no pollution to water,air
the whole tire recycling line consists of tire cutter → steel wire extractor→
tire shredder→ rubber coarse crusher→ magnetic separator→ vibrating
screen1→ fine rubber crusher→ vibrating screen → cyclone classifier→
storage bin→ rubber grinder →vibrating screen→package.
the whole line has the following features:
1? iron/steel removing ratio>99.5%, fiber removing ratio>99%
2?compact structure ensure running safety, easy maintenance;
3?low energy consumption;
4?adopt automatic control system for whole line, reduce labor cost;
5?no sewage and waste gas discharge, environment protection.
6? available capacity range of our tire recycling lines at present:
7? available finial rubber powder size: 30~120mesh.
8? adopts SIEMENS and Chinese famous brand electrical elements.

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