TitraSip automated pipetting improves accuracy and precision over manual pipetting case study


Courtesy of MANTECH Inc.

MANTECH INC. is a leading manufacturer of automated multi-parameter, titration, BOD and COD laboratory instruments. MANTECH developed the first automated titrator in the world to include automated pipetting capability. In our short history, there are already >1000 TitraSip’s in daily use in accredited laboratories around the globe. The software controlled TitraSip module has proven to generate results that are better than manual pipetting. Water quality is of paramount importance to ecosystems and human health and the TitraSip SATM delivers the best, most trusted results.

The TitraSip includes a dedicated automated pipetting pump, high speed rinse pump, analysis vessel and drain valve all in one. The TitraSip patented pipettor is a software controlled piston driven device that is both valveless and syringeless, thus eliminating cross contamination and clogging while still being fast, accurate and precise. With the TitraSip, the original sample is never destroyed by analysis; therefore, multi-parameter analysis capability for up to 12 parameters from a single sample.

With any automated pipetting system, it is important to verify and compare the results against manual pipetting using calibrated, commercially available variable pipets. The results for the alkalinity titration method after pipetting were compared for different water samples over a variety of pipetted volumes. The TitraSip pipetting generated excellent results which confirmed what >1,000 environmental laboratories already know.

Typical applications include automated pH, conductivity, alkalinity, fluoride, turbidity and color from a single sample. The TitraSip SA is the original titration system to include multi-parameter water analysis form a single sample. The multi-parameter capability includes many non-titration techniques that are important to environmental laboratories. The TitraSip was developed and commercialized by MANTECH, and still no equal exists in the market. The TitraSip SA’s merits were noticed by the US EPA and it was verified by the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program, the only environmental titrator in the world to carry this verification.

The MANTECH TitraSip module is a robust, durable system generating accurate and precise results that stand the test of time.

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