TOC analyzer for airports

Courtesy of LAR Process Analysers AG

During winter, de-icing processes at airports necessitate storm water and de-icing water management. Especially due to adhesive (sticky) substances, strongly fluctuating concentrations and a lot of chemicals, the monitoring systems itself must be tailor-made to fight this water analysis challenge.

LAR 's QuickTOCairport is an application-specific online total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer that meets these tough requirements. The sample is injected via a robot-driven injection system to the oven – without any pre-treatment or dilution. Thus, the amount of wetted surfaces is reduced to a minimum, preventing carry-over and memory effects caused by absorption and adsorption. In the oven, the sample is combusted at 1200°C. Based on the high temperature, the sample's organic content is completely oxidized to CO2. Hence, operators do not need expensive oxidation promoting catalysts. Moreover, due to its process control, the TOC analyzer handles high salt concentrations without clogging. Downstream of the oven, the produced CO2 is measured by a NDIR, determining the TOC value. Using the automatic ranging feature, the QuickTOCairport reliably determines the TOC from the lowest to the highest ranges in less than three minutes.

The QuickTOCairport is operated by a touch-screen display. Many modules, as the multi-stream-option for the measurement of up to 6 streams or the simultaneous measurement of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) provides tailor-made solutions for monitoring and optimization of airport water applications. Thus, airport operators are able to monitor the TOC fast, accurately and easily – even in busy winter season.

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