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Tofu Producer Wastewater Treatment

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Success Stories

Tofu Producer Waste Water Treatment

Astounding Results of Tofu Producer Jar Test

A sample of Tofu wastewater was tested to look at viability of treatment with the Floccin products. The wastewater is generated from the CIP (clean in place) and wash down operations at the facility.

Treated Tofu Producer Wastewater & Before Treatment

The pH of the sample was 6.9, so pH adjusting was not needed. The Floccin G was tested and the results are shown above. The jar on the right had a suspended solids over 1,000 ppm and the treated water on the left was less than 50 ppm. The jar shown in the middle was after addition of the Floccin and mixing, showing a good floc formation. The dosage appears to be 15 lbs/1000 gallons for this sample.

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