Top 10 Industrial Odor Control Stories for 2017


Courtesy of OMI Industries (OMI)

With 2017 already winding down, now is the ideal time to look back at the biggest industrial odor control stories for the year. From wastewater treatment to solid waste and beyond, eco-friendly odor management has become a priority for organizations looking to be good neighbors and keep their industrial processes fully optimized.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the top industrial odor control stories for 2017.

  • #10 – Safely Countering the Rise of Landfill Odors: In January, Dr. Laura Haupert, Director of Research and Development for OMI Industries, provided insights and commentary in an MSW Management article that focused on safely countering landfill and compost site odors.
  • #9 – Showcasing Solutions for the Ever-Changing Odor Tides of Hot Mix Asphalt and Bitumen: Despite new innovations in the asphalt and aggregates arenas, odor management remains an ongoing challenge. This is why OMI Industries had an expanded presence at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 in March.
  • #8 – Romance Comes Alive at a Brooklyn Wastewater Treatment Plant on Valentine’s Day: “Romance” and “wastewater treatment plant” are not usually written in the same sentence. A yearly tradition, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) provides tours of its Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn every Valentine’s Day.
  • #7 – Waste360: Employing New Weapons to Fight Landfill Odors: Laura Haupert provided insights and commentary in a April 2017 Waste 360 article about the most effective solutions for countering landfill odors.
  • #6 – Water Talk Podcast: OMI Industries’ Dr. Laura Haupert Discusses Eco-Friendly Odor Control: During WEFTEC 2017, Dr. Laura Haupert participated in a Water Online Water Talk podcast interview, where she discussed how eco-friendly odor control is truly taking hold in the wastewater treatment arena.
  • #5 – WasteExpo 2017: Defending Against Odor Nuisance Complaints in Landfills: In addition to showcasing its full line of eco-friendly odor eliminating solutions at WasteExpo 2017, OMI Industries played a key part in the education component of the conference with Dr. Laura Haupert presenting on a panel.
  • #4 – Eco-Friendly Odor Management Strategies Help Wastewater Treatment Facilities Be Good Neighbors: A common challenge for wastewater treatment facilities is the ability to be fully productive, while also combating odor concerns and issues. In a Water Online guest article, Dr. Haupert discussed how these facilities can be good neighbors through the use of safe and effective odor control solutions.
  • #3 – OMI Industries and Byers Scientific & Manufacturing Announce Distribution Partnership: In January, we announced a distribution partnership with Byers Scientific & Manufacturing, a designer, engineer and manufacturer of equipment for the industrial odor management industry.
  • #2 – Wastewater Facility In Missouri Tackles Foul Wastewater Treatment Odors Safely And Effectively: Water Online featured an OMI Industries case study with a Missouri wastewater treatment planet showcasing how the facility is taking a 360-degree approach to safe and effective odor control.
  • #1 – Chemical Engineering Magazine: Odor Issues and Solutions for Wastewater Treatment: In September, Dr. Laura Haupert developed a guest article for Chemical Engineering Magazine, which offered a guide for identifying and remediating foul odors in wastewater treatment facilities.

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