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Top 5 tips on how to successfully market your green business

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For over six months now, I’ve been writing about green marketing and why it is so relevant for companies nowadays. Today I’d like to take mt articles one step further, and share with you the top 5 tips on how to successfully market your green business.

1. Back up your claims.

Double-check your efforts when starting a green marketing strategy. Our advice is don’t position yourself as a green business if you’re not walking the talk. Today’s consumers are savvy and inquisitive, and a false claim will seriously damage your brand. A company’s reputation is one of the most valuable assets an organization possesses. Bad publicity spreads quickly (it’s the most viral form of buzz there is), taking years to overcome.

2. Don’t position yourself as the green saviour.

Consumers are looking behind the label, and demand integrity from the companies they buy from. You should communicate your environmental and sustainability efforts – but don’t overdo it. Add a modest, sincere tone to your message and you’ll go a long way. Consumers relate better with people than with organizations. Give your business a personal, honest image and you will generate positive word-of-mouth.

3. Engage the whole team and communicate your efforts internally.

This is one of the most important green marketing tips. You need internal support to be able to reflect your business green initiatives (consistent communications and continuity are a must for any successful marketing program). It is particularly important to engage your front-of-line employees: sales teams, the technical support department, even phone operators! Imagine how it would reflect on your company if your marketing department is promoting your environmental initiatives while the sales team is seen to dump dozens of (still relevant) brochures after a trade show.

4. Get your supply chain on board.

Engage your partners and vendors on your green marketing efforts. Communicate the pros of green marketing and give incentives out for a faster adoption. Focus on the new joint marketing opportunities you’ll be creating for your partners and suppliers – after all, if your supply chain is also becoming environmentally-sustainable, your suppliers will want to promote the new added-value and generate more business.

5. Don’t just focus on the green argument.

The green marketplace is quickly evolving and it’s not enough to focus your messaging on the green added-value of your products/services. You need to develop your product positioning so it’s a “no-brainer” for your clients to do business with you. This can take various forms, from communicating the quality of your product or service, focusing on the money your customers will be saving in the long term (and perhaps in the short term, depending where your product fits in the price scale), product innovation/design, etc. The goal is not to focus on the green argument uniquely; position your company as an organization that appeals to more than dark green customers.

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