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The clean bench is a mainstay of TopAir’s superior line of cleanroom equipment for all requirements of the biomedical, electronic, semi-conductor and defense industries. TopAir is the flagship brand of Statitech Ltd., a leading provider of cleanroom furniture and accessories since 1999. Besides the clean bench, TopAir’s premium line includes fume hoods, desiccators, weighing stations and storage cabinets.

Statitech Ltd. is ISO-9002 certified. Each TopAir cleanroom product, including the clean bench, is manufactured under stringent quality assurance and control regulations, ensuring optimum conditions for sensitive components and devices. Statitech Ltd.’s highest priorities are supreme quality and customer service and satisfaction.
The TopAir clean bench is built on the principle of laminar airflow, and includes both horizonal and vertical models.

The horizontal clean bench includes a filter wall that covers the back of the work area. The controlled airflow moves through the pre-filter and HEPA filter towards the staff working at the stainless steel clean bench work surface.

The filter of the vertical clean bench is located in an overhead unit. Air enters the top pre-filter and is fann ed towards the main HEPA filter of the clean bench. The air flows onto the clean bench work surface in a vertical direction after the main filter removes 9999.95% of all particles at a minimum size of 0.3 microns.

The TopAir clean bench, both horizontal and vertical, is available in five basic dimensions. Further, dimensions can be customized to provide a clean bench for any labroatory workspace. The height of each vertical clean bench including the clean bench hood is 1.36 m, while the height of the horizontal clean bench is 1.11 m. Clean bench widths range from 98 cm to 188 cm, to accommodate any size of workgroup.

The cabinet of the clean bench is made of high grade cold rolled steel, and the work surface is static poweder coated. Average air velocity is approximately 0.45 m/s. Teardrop fluorescent light provide >800 lux lighting. Production and test standards comply sith USA federal standard 209E and ISO 1-4461. Cleanliness within the work station is measured at Class 10.

Optional accessories to the vertical or horizontal clanbench include a UV lamp, an independent table for minimization of vibrations within the work station for production of sensitive components, and a stand base with caster wheels. 

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