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TopAir is the flagship brand of Statitech Ltd., a leading developer, producer and marketer of a wide variety of standard and custom-made cleanroom products for the electronic, semi-conductor, medical and defense industries. Statitech has acquired a well earned reputation as a market leader in its field. Customers include the pharmaceutical giant Teva Industries Ltd., Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd. and Israel Military Industries Ltd. All products including a superior ductless fume hood are manufactured under stringent quality assurance and control regulations, ensuring optimum conditions for sensitive components and devices. Statitech Ltd.’s highest priorities are supreme quality and customer service and satisfaction.

The TopAir brand comprises a full line of cleanroom equipment including work benches, desiccators and other categories, including the ductless fume hood. The ductless fume hood complies with international standards to provide laboratory workers with the highest possible environmental protection.

The ductless fume hood meets and exceeds the highest standards of the European economic community, and it proudly displays the CE symbol. The ductless fume hood is a tempered glass structure with a clear PVC front window with gas springs and a static powder coated surface of cold rolled steel. Illumination of the ductless fume hood is provided by 600–800 lux fluorescent lights that are separate from the fuming hall. It has a convenient top filtration unit with an easily replaceable carbon filter and a secondary carbon or HEPA filter. In open window mode, the wind speed in the ductless fume hood is 0.6 + 0.1 m/s.

The digital main control panel of the ductless fume hood includes a fan speed control, an air pressure display, a signal light, an alarm signal and a counter that times the operation of the ductless fume hood in hours.
A freestanding table with adjustable legs is provided with the ductless fume hood.

There are five sizes of ductless fume hood, with outer dimensions ranging from 600(W) x 600 (D) x 1100 (H) mm for the smallest ductless fume hood to 1880(W) x 750(D) x 1110(H) mm for the largest ductless fume hood. However, all ductless fume hood dimensions are flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of every ductless fume hood purchaser.

The ductless fume hood is available for two electrical systems, 110V and 220V.

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