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TopAir, Statitech Israel’s flagship brand, manufactures a full line of superior cleanroom equipment including a reliable fume hood for neutralizing potential airborne chemical hazards in the laboratory. The fume hood mechanism offers maximum protection to laboratory staff working at a cleanroom table under the fume hood.
There are two basic types of fume hood. Many industries use a large, permanently located fume hood. Air in the open front of the fume hood is drawn into the self-adjusting opening of a fan system and then expelled outside the building via a duct. Any potential contaminants mingle with the outdoor air and are neutralized An automatic air volume system usually accompanies this type of fume hood, to regulate the flow of air into the fume hood when no staff are working under it and therefore reduce operation costs.

The second type of fume hood is a portable fume hood. There is no duct for attaching the fume hood to a permanent place. Since a duct is not used, one or two filters clean the air entering the fume hood and the treated air is recycled in the workplace.

TopAir manufactures the second type of fume hood, which are a key component of laboratories and hospital cleanrooms worldwide. The careful workmanship of the TopAir fume hood is evident in its ergonomic design. Up to three cleanroom personnel can stand comfortable at the stainless steel work surface.

Air enters fume hood via a preliminary cabon filter that catches larger particles before it runs through a HEPA (high efficiency particle air) filter. The preliminary filter increases the both the efficiency and life span of the main fume hood filter.

The main contruction material of the fume hood is epoxy-coated steel. The side panels of the fume hood are fitted with clear glass, and the front has a hinged screen. A free standing stainless steel table with adjustable legs is supplied. The HEPA filter can be selected from 14 dtypes of carbon that are specialized for vapors from organics, solvents, acids, mercury and formaldehyde.

Each TopAir fume hood is accompanied by a 12-month warranty on mechanical and electronic parts.

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