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TopAir is the flagship brand of Statitech Ltd., a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of several complete lines of laboratory equipment since 1999. The term horizontal cabinet can refer to two types of TopAir’s premium selection of cleanroom furniture and accessories.

One type of horizontal cabinet is a work bench backed by a filter wall. Ambient air is cleaned through this wall and blown horizontally towards the technicians working at the horizontal cabinet. Although vertical cabinets are also used in a cleanroom, the horizontal cabinet is used to prevent air from falling directly onto the surfaces of delicate microelectronics or other minute items.

TopAir’s portable horizontal cabinet provides a clean laminar airflow created by an easily maintained ventilation and filter system. Air at the back of the horizontal cabinet is pulled into the filter wall by the fanning system. First the air pushes through the preliminary carbon filter of the horizontal cabinet. The air then enters the main HEPA filter of the horizontal cabinet that is 99.99995% accurate in removing air particles the size of .03 microns or larger. It flows towards the front of the horizontal cabinet and continues into the cleanroom environment where it restarts the cycle.

Another type of horizontal cabinet is a desiccator that stores moisture-sensitive items.
TopAir carries a wide selection of horizontal cabinet desiccators that include acrylic PVC or static dissipative sheets to provide optimum conditions for sensitive components and devices. A horizontal cabinet can be custom made according to specifications. A full line of accessories to the horizontal cabinet desiccator is available, including a new digital nitrogen smart controller, a plenum, a stainless steel door, a flow meter, relief valves and shelves.

All TopAir products including the horizontal cabinet desiccator and horizontal cabinet workbench meet and exceed current international standards for innovative products in humidity control systems. Statitech Ltd. places a strong emphasis upon quality and customer service and is ISO 9002 certified.
A 12-month warranty on mechanical and electronic parts accompanies each horizontal cabinet.

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