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TopAir is the flagship brand of Statitech Ltd., a leading manufacturer of cleanroom products since 1999. One of TopAir’s premier product lines includes the laminar bench. The laminar bench is a combination stainless steel worktop that provides a smooth, clean surface and an overhead airflow/filter system that removes unacceptable particles from the air before they reach the work area. Potential contaminants are kept away from the work surface of the laminar bench where laboratory staff assembles sensitive goods for the electronic, semi-conductor, medical and defense industries.

Ambient air is drawn into the pre-filter of the laminar bench by an internal fan, where it is cleaned from larger air particles before it reaches the main HEPA filter. The HEPA filter cleans the air to ISO 4 standard, so 99.99995% of all particles at least 0.3 microns in diameter do not reach the work table, the lower component of the laminar bench.

Two convenient models, the vertical laminar bench and the horizontal laminar bench, serve any laboratory workspace.

In the vertical laminar bench, a pre-filter is fitted into the overhead component. Air enters this pre-filter and, after passing through the HEPA filter, is blown onto the laminar bench work top.
The horizontal laminar bench includes a pre-filter and a main HEPA filter that covers the back wall. Air is pulled through the wall parallel to the laminar bench worktop.

Both laminar bench models include precise LED digital monitors that display blower speed, light system operation and air pressure. An alarm sounds in the laminar bench monitor in case the filter becomes blocked and requires changing.

Each laminar bench is equipped with a centrifugal blower with a external rotor motor that provides quiet, unified airflow. Teardrop fluorescents illuminate the surface of the laminar bench with warm white light.
Stringent electronic and particle count tests are performed on each laminar bench.

All electrical components of each model of horizontal and vertical laminar bench are CE approved or recognized. The laminar bench is available for either 110V or 220V electrical system. There is a 12 month warranty on all electrical and mechanical parts of the laminar bench.

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