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A pass box is a structure located at the entrance to a cleanroom that enables materials to be transported between the cleanroom and the rest of the laboratory without compromising the sterility of the materials or surrounding cleanroom area. The pass box allows laboratory personnel to stay within the cleanroom instead of moving to different parts of the lab to fetch tools or materials, therefore eliminating a potential cause of contamination. When a door of a pass box is opened, a laminar air flow begins inside to safeguard the cleanliness of the materials and of the pass box interior. Some types of pass box include built-in high velocity showers of HEPA-filtered air that spray materials entering or exiting the clean room. Optional pass box fixtures include UV lamps and fluorescent light tubes.

A leading manufacturer of two types of cleanroom pass box is Statitech Ltd., an ISO-9002 certified designer, manufacturer and marketer of the cleanroom products since 1999. Statitech offers full lines of laboratory and clean room equipment including cleanbenches, desiccator storage systems, modular paneled wall systems, fume hoods and cleanroom lighting systems. Statitech’s professional consultants accompany cleanroom builders through every step of laboratory furnishing, from the choice of the correct type of pass box to decisions about air filtering equipment.

Statitech places a strong emphasis upon quality and cutomer service. Company products meet and exceed current international standards for products in the field of humidity control systems. TopAir, Statitech’s flagship brand, offers two types of cleanroom pass box, the non-active pass box and the filtrate active pass box. Both types of pass box are smooth, ledge free structures with inner surfaces made of 304 stainless steel. A reliable interlock system prevents the two opposite doors of the pass box from being opened at the same time, to maintain the stability of the cleanroom atmosphere.  The active pass box includes a HEPA filtered chamber monitored by a central digital controller.

The dimensions of any TopAir pass box are flexible, for any shape or size of laboratory.
Each TopAir pass box is provided with a 12-month warranty on electronic and mechanical parts.

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