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The PCR station is a cleanroom area with specialized equipment for the biomedical field. The PCR station handles Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), a molecular technique for producing large quantities DNA from using an enzymatic reaction without requiring a living organism. Because of the high sensitivity of the procedure, careful attention to the work process in the PCR station is required.

The PCR laboratory is divided into three distinct areas:  a PCR station for specimen preparation, a PCR station for reagent preparation and a PCR station for amplification and detection. After the sample runs through each PCR station, the processing of amplified material should be performed in a separate cleanroom and biological safety cabinet, instead of in a PCR station, to prevent accidental mixing of samples.

The PCR procedure can be performed in a single cleanroom if each PCR station is set up carefully. For example, labcoats and gloves must be changed when a worker moves from one PCR station to another. Equipment and supplies should never be switched between one PCR station and another. Color coding of supplies should identify which materials belong to which PCR station.

All equipment for the most modern and specialized PCR station is available through Statitech Ltd., a leading ISO-9002 certified developer, producer and marketer of a wide variety of standard and custom-made cleanroom products.  Statitech Ltd.’s flagship brand is TopAir, whose full cleanroom equipment lines utilize the latest technological and creative developments to ensure the highest quality in both standardized and specially made equipment to suit the requirement of the most meticulous PCR station planner.  All products are manufactured under stringent quality assurance and control regulations, ensuring optimum conditions for sensitive components and devices.  Statitech Ltd.’s highest priorities are supreme quality and customer service and satisfaction.

TopAir’s PCR station equipment includes customized combinations of sterile cabinets and laminar benches made to order in flexible dimensions to suit every PCR station. The furnishings can be provided with UV lamps required for decontamination of work areas following PCR procedures.

All TopAir brand PCR station equipment offer a 12-month warranty on electronic and mechanical parts.

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