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TopAir is the flagship brand of Statitech Ltd., an ISO 9002 certified manufacturer of cleanroom products for the electronic, semi-conductor, biomedical and defense industries. Established in 1999 and ISO-9002 certified, Statitech Ltd. specializes in the development, production and marketing of a wide variety of standard and custom-made cleanroom products including a weighing station, and has acquired a well earned reputation as a market leader in its field.

A prime component of TopAir’s comprehensive line of cleanroom equipment is the powder weighing station. A portable, compact device, the powder weighing station is largely used in the biopharmaceutical field for precise measurement of fine powder and chemicals. Applications of the weighing station include forensics, liquid filtering, tissue homogenization and biomedical research using small animals.  The weighing station prevents contamination of products while protecting laboratory staff from hazardous chemicals.

The weighing station enables raw materials to be transfered form a cleanroom into a container in a different part of the laboratory without risk of contamination. Although the air pressure inside and outside the weighing station is not identical, the airtight connection between the weighing station and the exterior container prevent this difference from influencing the weighing procedure.

Made of cold rolled steel, TopAir's weighing station is easy to clean. Tempered glass side windows and a double back wall are easy to disassemble. The work surface of the weighing station is static powder coated.
Ambient air is cleaned by HEPA filtration. The flow of clean air into the work area is controlled so it does not disturb the sensitive material being measured at the weighing station.  The front of the weighing station is covered by a clear PVC sliding front window. Fluorescent lights provide 600-800 lux illumination. Wind speed in open window mode is 0.6+0.1 m/s.

A control panel with digital display monitors the weighing station mechanisms: fan speed, air pressure and illumination. A timer counts the total number of hours that the weighing station has been operating, helping gauge the time when the easy-to-handle filters must be cleaned or changed. An alarm light indicates any lowering of air pressure inside the weighing station beyond an acceptable level.

The electronic and mechanical parts in the TopAir weighing station are guaranteed for a period of 12 months.

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