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Topographic Correction of GPR Profile Based on Odometer and Inclinometer Data


Abstract— Usually, data obtained by ground penetrating radar (GPR) are displayed as a rectangular 2D picture (profile), vertical and horizontal axes of which are proportional to depth and traveled distance, respectively. Surface, generally, is not horizontal, that leads to distorted view of irregularities in the GPR profile. To eliminate these distortions a topographic correction is used. Topographic data can be obtained by laser leveler, total station, GPS and similar equipment. Further this information is used for topographic correction of the GPR data.

This paper provides method of topographic correction based on information about traveled distance and tilt of antenna unit at each point of measurement. These data are measured by odometer and inclinometer, respectively. The information is obtained simultaneously with the GPR data and is connected with each trace of the profile. Algorithm of traces vertical offset calculation relatively the first trace of profile and accuracy of topographic correction are discussed. The results of topographic correction of profile acquired by VIY3-300 GPR are presented. This inexpensive solution improves performance characteristics of GPR and reduces time required for GPR profiles processing and their interpretation.

Keywords- ground   penetrating    radar;    GPR;    topographic correction; elevation; antenna tilt

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