TORC Oil and Gas Customer Success Story

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TORC Oil & Gas Ltd is an intermediate producer that specializes in high quality light oil opportunities in the Western Canadian sedimentary basin.

TORC had no reporting capability that provided an overall view of project status, just well lists and columns of field data in the master spreadsheet. Moreover, adding projects or bringing new consultants on board was too burdensome. This messy process was frustrating and caused low morale. 

HSE Manager Jim Gordon and his team reviewed several GIS and project management options, and found Arkit’s combination of map, project and communication tools was just right for their needs. Now everyone in the HSE Department retrieves project data whenever they need it, without Jim having to distribute anything manually.

TORC discovered that Arkit’s Project Relationship Management software cut time spent on data management by 70%. Where previously a request for information might require weeks of work and data coordination, Arkit now provides a platform that’s ready when needed to produce actionable insights.

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