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Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA Enhances Management System Audits and Risk Assessments for Integration with Incident Reporting


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A decade ago, Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA (TPRI) established itself as a global leader in risk management. The Houston-based company deployed market-leading environmental, health and safety (EHS) incident management and reporting software – IHS IMPACT ERM – at all 17 Total Petrochemicals facilities worldwide to drive operational excellence and ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. Nearly 5,000 licensed users work in the system to generate state-of-the-art reporting that helps EHS managers track incidents and response actions while proactively reducing hazards and improving work processes. The company’s injury rates and costs have declined over the years and yet its leadership was not satisfied. “We are committed to a management system approach that promotes continuous improvement,” said Karen Jones, CIH, Manager of Occupational Health, Crisis Management, and HSSE IS Applications for TPRI. “We are always looking at our operations to see how we can make our business work better. That’s why we also made a commitment to consolidating information systems across the company, picking the best ones and phasing out the rest. In this case, it became apparent that one small, outdated application that was supposed to facilitate the auditing protocol for our management system was actually holding us back.”

The legacy software’s auditing protocol included more than 1,500 questions but, because it was a proprietary product from a third-party vendor, the TPRI team could only add, edit or delete questions by submitting the change to their vendor so the vendor could make the changes (for an hourly fee) and return the database afterwards. “It was such an ordeal that we almost never made changes over the years, despite the fact that our management system continued to evolve,” explained Jones. “Even when we did not want to make changes and everything was ‘working,’ the whole process was inefficient. We had to cut and paste audit findings from the legacy system into IMPACT, and then do extra quality control on that manual data entry, before we could assign and track our corrective actions or proactive risk reduction measures to completion.”

In 2010, the problems increased when the entire company upgraded its IT infrastructure, by switching to a different operating system. The legacy auditing tool developed a series of functionality problems and the team decided it was time for a new strategy. “We wanted to be in control of our destiny,” said Jones. “We wanted to be able to make changes to our audit protocol questions ourselves and get the audit results into IMPACT automatically. We talked about doing serious customization inside of IMPACT ERM but it looked like that was going to be difficult. Then we got a call from IHS. They had checked to see if we could get the capabilities we needed in another product called IHS Stature. When they showed it to us, it was beautiful – I got goose bumps! The only question was how we could get the results into IMPACT.”

The Challenges

  • Simplify compliance to environmental, health and safety regulations and ISO protocols
  • Overcome limitations to management system auditing and risk assessments
  • Monitor the level of risk in relationships with value chain partners

The Solution

  • IHS Operational Risk Solution with IHS IMPACT ERM and IHS Stature

The Results

  • Established fully enabled management system audits and assessments, from questionnaires to complex scoring algorithms for risk scoring
  • Replaced outdated legacy application and initiated integration of multiple systems
  • Gained ability to update management system auditing protocol questions without waiting for – or paying – a third-party vendor
  • Reduced time required each month to manually transfer findings from 1,500 audit questions – from 3-5 days to a few hours
  • Positioned new system as framework for future risk-ranking of value-chain partners as required for ACC Responsible Care compliance

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