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Toward designing flat torque switched reluctance motor for electric vehicle

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The switched reluctance motors have simple construction and high out torque. But they are not use widely in electric vehicles because they have the problem of the torque ripples, which stand against their use. The previous researches success to minimise the torque ripples but the average output torque decreased. From this point of view, the paper discovers hidden point, which is the relation between the average output torque and the torque ripples. There are two issues regarding the minimisation of the torque ripples in the SRM. First, changing the design parameters to minimise the torque ripples and second, changing the running conditions to minimise the torque ripples. The paper uses different designs of one conventional three phases 6/4 double salient SRM to clarify that there is optimum teeth widths and optimum running conditions, which give high average output torque and low ripples at the same moment.

Keywords: average output torque, finite element method, FEM, magnetic circuit parameters, Matlab, operating parameters, Simulink, switched reluctance motors, SRM, torque ripples, flat torque, electric vehicles

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