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Towards human performance measurement from the maintenance perspective: a review

With organisations adopting maintenance as a profit-generating business element, the role of maintenance in modern manufacturing industries is becoming even more important, clearly underscoring the importance of bringing maintenance operations in harmony with corporate business objectives. This area of study concerning the human aspect in over-all maintenance operations has received much emphasis recently. People in maintenance are not only limited in conducting diagnoses and error recovery, but also in planning and scheduling, recording data, handling and operating equipment, and training maintenance personnel. The performance of mission tasks manifests the abilities and limitations of humans involved in any system. Thus, since they are essential in systems operations, the effects of their performance on maintenance require a thorough study. This paper reviews current approaches for analysing, evaluating, and managing human performance in various industries focusing in the maintenance environment. Recommendation for future studies regarding a new approach to effectively evaluate the performance of maintenance personnel has been suggested.

Keywords: human performance, maintenance personnel, performance measurement, modelling, qualitative models, quantitative models, review, human error, performance management

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