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Towards sustainability through innovation

The present work addresses the practicality of achieving sustainability through innovation. In order to link between sustainability and innovation, a good understanding of the essence of each of them is required. There are various factors that can significantly affect eco–innovation. These factors are discussed, and the challenges that the process of integrating sustainability into innovation encounter are then identified. The traditional life cycle of a product following the cradle–to–grave approach used all over the world until today will protect the environment and reach to compliance with regulations, but without conserving the natural resources; i.e., the process/life cycle will not be sustainable. It is recommended to switch the traditional life cycle approach from cradle–to–grave to cradle–to–cradle in order not only to protect the environment, but also to save the natural resources (sustainability) and achieve beyond compliance (BC). The BC concept is introduced as a direct benefit from sustainability.

Keywords: sustainability, sustainable development, suitability, innovation, eco–innovation, environmental policies, regulations, cradle–to–cradle, cradle–to–grave, resource conservation, environmental protection

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