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Towards transition: resourcing socially learned decisions

This conceptual paper examines the need for deliberative public decision making to create a sustainable society, and the potential for social learning and public decision making in the online collective intelligence. Concepts and evidence are synthesised from studies of sustainability, decision–making, communication, deliberative democracy, knowledge management, and information and communication technology. The future of the relationship between humans, society, and nature is being co–constructed, and ICT may act to improve or to diminish the quality of this relationship. Further understanding of the potential of ICT to enable and support public/social learning and democratic decisions on courses of action will be a signpost to a pathway to a sustainable future. The synthesis of understandings from sustainable development, communication, knowledge management, and online web domains creates a meta–level appreciation of converging issues facing humans and society in relation to nature. This is a contribution to understanding online communication for building a pathway out of crisis into a sustainable society.

Keywords: sustainable society, online communication, social learning, great transition, participatory decision making, collective deliberation, Web 30, sustainable development, sustainability, public decision making, online collective intelligence, ICT, democratic decisions, democracy, knowledge management

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