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Toxic Odour Problems Eliminated - Case Study

  • Industry: Municipal Wastewater
  • Problem: Lift Station Odour and Hydrogen Sulphide Control

Business Overview
The Water District provides fresh water and sewer service to more than 40,000 residents and more than two million visitors a year in this coastal community. The district delivers 25 million litres of water each day to homes and businesses and removes 15 million litres of wastewater for treatment.

The District’s facilities are extensive. The sewer system contains 200kms of pipelines, 3,800 manholes, 14 lift stations and 5kms of force mains.

The district’s commitment to quality service is evident: to meet or exceed state and federal standards through disciplined maintenance and repair, as well as the addition of capital improvements to its facilities.

Lift Station 9 is located in the environmentally sensitive marina area of the harbor, with the force main discharge manhole very near a highly used jogging and biking path.

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