Toxicogenomics and the Workplace: What You Need to Know

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Toxicogenomics is the study of the relationship between genes and the influence chemicals may have on them. This exciting new area promises to revolutionize how we assess environmental, workplace and other risks; define sensitive subpopulations for risk assessment purposes, identify biomarkers of exposure and develop tools for predictive toxicology and screening. Although these predictions may sound abstract and not relevant to manufacturers and day-to-day management activities, on the contrary, toxicogenomics is directly relevant to manufacturers for many


Toxicogenomics is the relationship between genes and a chemical’s toxic properties. It is part of an emerging scientific field crowded with words ending in “omics” – genomics, proteomics, metabonomics and so on. Toxicogenomics is widely expected to generate significant data that will be used for regulatory, standard setting and litigation purposes.

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