Toxicologic effect of water pipelines on water quality

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Water has been the most important element for the human beings for survival since foundation of civilizations.  To reach and keep water sources, communities had to fight big battles, some were ceased out completely, some were forced to migrate.  The ones who reached water sources have shown fast development compared to others. With the development of civilizations, industry is formed; and human beings started to pollute water resources both directly and indirectly.  Today, main water pollution is as a result of:

1) Industrial waste disposal.
2) Organic disposals such as artificial manure and sewerage.
3) Agricultural pesticides.
4) Chemical structure of the source.

Different disinfection methods have been used for several years.  However, today’s advanced academic researches identify that many disinfection methods, believed to be harmless, have been proved to cause toxicology for human health.

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