TR Series captures Irish market


In the past year, we were able to achieve a prominent position on the Irish waste market: Following tough negotiations and numerous visits to reference sites, we could convince an Irish waste management company of our technology. The company put a post-shredder of the TR series into operation. Before that, our new customer operated a commercial-waste treatment plant with two shredders of a competitor. The shredded waste was then deposited on a landfill. Owing to our technology, the post-shredded material can now be used as refuse-derived fuels in a Slovakian cement plant. 

And what's more: after 4 months of operation, the customer is that thrilled about our machine that they will order a second TR shredder. This shredder would be used for a household-waste treatment line. However, since household waste generally is too moist for incineration, the material needs to be dried in a complex process after pre-shredding. But it is worth the effort: The granulated material can subsequently be incinerated in a cement plant in Ireland. 

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