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The main task of EnviroWaste’s latest Isuzu eight-wheeler front loading truck is simply to cart rubbish, but it seems to carry an equal amount of new technology. The Isuzu Gen 6 model is already impressive, with its Euro4 engine and its significant safety advances, but EnviroWaste demanded the latest technology in other areas, too.

This included fitting a second steer axle to the FVZ1400A, which originally came out of the factory as a 6x4. The massive waste compactor is a new design that rolls the rubbish during the compacting process to maximise load capacity. And the truck uses MTData, an advanced GPS system that does much more than just track progress, but does a lot of the thinking for the driver as well. These three additions to the original truck have made it extra efficient at picking up and carrying rubbish.

Isuzu’s FVZ1400 models originally have a GVM of 24,000 kilograms; the extra axle has upped the capacity to 26,400 kilograms. While this is not a great increase in terms of load, the fourth axle allows a reduction in road user charges. The added axle, large compactor capacity, lifting arms and associated hydraulics make for a heavy tare of 15,420 kilograms; Isuzu’s brochure lists the six-wheeler cab and chassis at under 7,000 kilograms, but a 26,000 kilogram RUC sticker provides a healthy 10-tonne payload.

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