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Traidenis is open to novelties and innovative solutions


Courtesy of UAB Traidenis

Alytus company Traidenis, which was the first in the country to start manufacturing wastewater treatment equipment and tanks from glass - reinforced plastic 17 years ago and is the only company producing technological equipment for industrial wastewater treatment, continues to keep its leading position in this field.

Research Created Innovations
The company specialists had been creating, testing and implementing new products before Lithuania became the member of the European Union. Working together, the specialists in different areas aimed at one objective - to implement their ideas. With the help of EU support, the company established a research and development laboratory, introduced the advanced technology of production of tanks using the method of winding, acquired an industrial robot and started using a manufacturing process control program. In the research laboratory there are carried out works during which new prototypes of products and innovative technologies are tested, which allows commencing serial production of new products. Most of this production today consists of different types of tanks: two layer, three layer, chemically resistant, thermo insulated tanks, petrol tanks, tanks for drinking water, scrubbers, firewater tanks, silo tower and etc.

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