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Courtesy of SEQM Ltd.

UPM is one of the world's leading forest industry groups. Our vision is to be the front-runner in the new forest industry and to create value by offering competitive products and services to customers worldwide. To deliver parts of our vision we introduced a new combustion process (Biomass and Combined Heat and Power plan) in our facility in Irvine. We appointed SEQM to train our people.

The aim of the training was to ensure that our employees were aware of the needs and impacts of the operation of the new process. The objectives of the course were to communicate objectives, legal requirements, targets, working procedures, roles and responsibilities with regards to the variation to the site PPC permit and the changes to their role.

Such a dry subject matter was researched, taught and communicated in an entertaining and professional fashion by SEQM. The SEQM team (comprising of Oliver, Carmel and Tom) were responsible for the design and delivery of the course. They interviewed me first to establish technical, managerial and legal requirements and together we developed a script for a one day training course.

SEQM developed a detailed training manual that was used by the delegates during the training course. All the way through this process SEQM considered the background and motivational factors of our workforce. We first commissioned SEQM to run a course, which captured some 35 employees from all levels of the organisation (e.g. senior manager to shop floor). Due to the success of the initial course SEQM was contracted again to deliver the same course to an additional 12 employees.

The feedback from our members of staff was extremely positive. From the 57 delegates SEQM received an average mark of 4.3 out of 5 for achieving the course objectives. Oliver (the trainer) received 4.8 out 5 for his training style and methodology.

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