Trajectories on the net!

Air-mass backwards trajectories from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) are now available on a new web site. The use of trajectories is an important aid for scientists in the study of the origin of air-masses.

From the web sites of NILU and EMEP you now have access to air-mass trajectories arriving at approx. 35 monitoring sites. The trajectories are currently available from 1996 to present and are updated every day (at night) lagging 2 days behind the present time.

The trajectories are calculated for four arrival times per day (0, 6, 12 and 18 UTC) and for three vertical levels. Presently only graphic plots are available. ASCII text files with the 3-D trajectory coordinates will soon be made available.

This is the first stage of a trajectory support from NILU/EMEP-CCC. A revised trajectory data set with a substantially increased number of arrival sites including all EMEP stations and other global sites is planned during 2005. Additional software tools are also planned.

Trajectories on the net!
Trajectories on the net!

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