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Transport of pharmaceutical and NOM in NF/UF member

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Membrane processes with NF and tight-UF membranes were proven to be very effective in removing organic electrolytes such as acidic pharmaceuticals and/or natural organic matter (NOM). This high efficiency is resulted from both back-diffusion and electrostatic repulsion in the concentration polarization layer: moreover, hindered transport of pharmaceuticals and NOM in membrane pores. In the transport equation for charged membranes, membrane physicochemical structures, solution chemistries, and solute characteristics may be important transport parameters. The filtration of aqueous mixtures containing charged solutes (acidic pharmaceuticals), NOM, and/or strong electrolyte was conducted. This study verified several hypotheses: effect of membrane molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) and NOM, with respect to membrane performance such as ibuprofen and NOM rejections.

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