The movable sandblasting room or portable container blast room, abrasive recovery system, dust collector, sandblasting machine together, it can be transported to the site by flatbed truck. The installation time is less than 2 hours, which is the best equipment for field-flow operation.


Transportable container blast room features:

The whole blasting room adopts container installation, which can be transported from one place to another easily and convenient for sand blasting;


The portable sandblasting room does not need foundation pit, can be placed on the ground directly, which reduces the investment cost of the equipment;


The transportable container blast room is suitable for a wide range of abrasive media including but not limited to: steel shot, steel grit, chilled iron, aluminium oxide, glass bead, etc.


The transportable container blast room can quickly change the type of abrasive, the abrasive can be quickly replaced according to the process requirements to realize the processing of workpieces with different materials.


The transportable container blast room adopts the filter cartridge type dust collector, which fully meets the environmental protection requirements.




Transportable container blast room fitted out with :

Main doors suitable interlocked – to prevent blasting with doors open.


Operator door – as a means of exit if main doors are stuck, also interlocked.


LED lighting.


Emergency lighting.


Steel floor with side shedders.


Cross screw conveyor at the bulkhead.


Air inlets providing ventilation for blast room and good operator visibility.


Shot-blast quality rubber lining of room.


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