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Transportable Waste Reduction Technology

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Courtesy of Shred-Tech Corp.

Several recent technological innovations have found their way onto Transportable Shredding Systems manufactured by Shred-Tech Inc.

Reduction engineers have worked for years to find the right combination of knife material toughness, resistance to abrasive wear and shock load deformation.

Shred-Tech’s engineers have found the right combination, which employs state of the art alloy plate and a proprietary blending of weldable hardface alloys. The alloy base plate knife provides excellent support for the proprietary hardface via special machining and pre-weld preparation. The result is a knife which can stand up to the 250,000 lbs of force exerted by the shredder shafts and provide extreme resistance to abrasion, thus extending the knife life. The added ability to rebuild the knives to original factory specification results in a much more economical knife replacement program when compared to traditional throwaway knives.

Shred-Tech’s Transportable Shredding Systems also incorporate an innovative and efficient drive system. Power for the shredder is delivered from a hydraulic pump mounted directly to the diesel engine. Control of the shredder and diesel engine is accomplished with a state of the art computer interface utilizing the engines electronic control unit. This control process increases efficiency by carefully monitoring the engines functions and adjusting demand from the hydraulic pump. This ensures optimum power from the engine without overburden or stalling.

To complete the package, an efficient state of the art material handling system is mounted on the trailer. The system consists of a loading grapple complete with operators cabin and a folding stackable discharge conveyor. The grapple and cabin are assembled onto an elevating, rotating mast, which provides the operator with visibility into the shredders cutting chamber. The rotating mast maximizes the staging area for the materials to be shredded and provides excellent line of sight to safely and efficiently load the material. The loading grapple can lift 1,500 lbs at a 25-foot extension.

The ST-500H Transportable Shredding System can be transported to site and be ready to process material in approximately 15 minutes. The system grapple has the ability to load a wide range of materials at high throughput rates. The ST-500H can shred tires at a rate up to 10 tons per hour, white goods up to 5 tons per hour and MSW up to 20 tons per hour.