Trash Screen Monitoring in Falkirk


Courtesy of Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group

Falkirk County Council, Scotland
Supply and installation and maintenance of a Trash Screen blockage and Flood Warning system, 2006 - ongoing

Hydro-Logic was appointed by Falkirk County Council to supply, install and commission a series of sites where there were concerns over flooding. The systems were deployed to supply alarms to a central control office at Falkirk Council. The system consisted of sites where debris screen water levels were to be monitored, open channel sites, 3 of which needed flow measurements and a site on a tidal stretch of a burn flowing into the Forth Estuary. Alarm handling initially through Hydro-Logic's FEP at our Stirling office and now our latest Timeview Telemetry web-based data service. Data is recorded using Druck pressure transmitters and a combination of Isodaq Hawk XT and RT and FrogRX outstations communicating remotely to Falkirk Council's secure Timeview Telemetry Account.

Design and installation services were provided by our sister company within the Hydro-Logic Group, Hydro-Logic Services Ltd.

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