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Treatability study for pemex oil refinery salamanca, Mexico case study


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The Problem
Both PEMEX and the City of Salamanca were looking at constructing two sewage treatment plants to treat wastewater; one to treat the Ing. Antonio M Amor refinery’s industrial waste and one to treat the City’s municipal waste. Based on the successful performance of Nordevco’s technology in remediating contaminated wash water at the decommissioning of the PEMEX La Nogalera petroleum storage facility in Guadalajara, Nordevco was commissioned to conduct a treatability study of its capability to treat both the refinery wastewater and the municipal waste water.

Our Approach
Based on a review of the two waste streams, Nordevco’s technical staff determined that the most effective solution would be to treat both waste streams in one facility. To demonstrate that capability, the Consorcio Quimico de Toluca in Toluca, Mexico, an independent laboratory, was commissioned to carry out treatability studies to evaluate the effectiveness of the Nordevco technology. To model a sewage treatment system, a three chamber system was constructed: a 12 liter waste storage tank, 9 liter aeration tank and a 4.5 liter sedimentation tank. Nordevco technical staff designed a series of three tests to assess the effectiveness of the BactiDomus® Technology to treat refinery waste, a mixed waste stream (57% refinery waste and 43% Salamanca municipal waste) and a final test to compare the BactiDomus® Technology’s effectiveness to treat the mixed waste to a treatment with activated sludge from a wastewater
treatment plant.

The Technology
Nordevco’s BactiDomus® Technology was developed by a diversified group of research scientists working together at Universities in Belgium and France. Their goal was to create a mechanism with the flexibility to delivery biological solutions to a range of environmental issues more effectively and efficiently

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