Treating Taste & Odor and Disinfecting Drinking Water with UV

Cornwall is a city of nearly 60,000 people in Ontario, Canada. It is located on the St. Lawrence River, approximately 1,700 km from the Atlantic Ocean and 2,000 km from Lake Ontario.

The city draws its drinking water from the St. Lawrence, a reliable and generally good-quality source. However, in the late summer and early fall, dying algae from algae blooms during the warmest months often leave an earthy and musty taste in the water. The city’s conventional treatment process, consisting of coagulation, sedimentation, and mixed-media filtration, is at times unable to remove sufficient quantities of geosmin and 2 methylisoborneol (MIB), the compounds responsible for the difficult-to-treat taste and odor (T&O) problem. The city uses granular activated carbon in its filter beds to address taste and odor (T&O) issues.

However, this treatment method requires large amounts of carbon and is unable to completely treat the T&O problem. In addition, frequent carbon change-outs are required due to relatively rapid break-through of geosmin and MIB.

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