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Treating the Symptom and NOT the Cure?


For years and years, we Americans have been looking for the quick fix.  What can we plug in to solve our problem?  With everything from chemical air fresheners to make our house smell “better” rather than giving the dog a bath or emptying the vacuum bag, to heated vibrating exercise machines that “burn the fat away” while you watch TV; we are constantly bombarded with “marketed solutions” to obvious problems.  The same is true with air filters and air “purifiers”.  You really need to do your homework or you may be paying big money to bring some unwanted guests into your home.  I’m going to explain my take on Ozone generators and their new cousins, the hydroxyl radical generators. 

Ozone is a pollutant everywhere in the air except when it comes out of an ozone generator; just like mercury is a toxin except when it is put in our fillings.  What we don’t know can hurt us and it is our mission at IET to create healthy buildings through applied science, not marketing and plug-ins.  Did you know that the state of California has outlawed the use of many ozone generators in homes?  Both outdoors and indoors, California seems to put their people first rather than industry.


The quote below from an EPA document Ozone Generators that are Sold as Air Cleaners outlines the risks these devices pose to an uneducated public. 


Quote from the EPA article:

If I Follow Manufacturers' Directions, Can I be Harmed?”


“Results of some controlled studies show that concentrations of ozone considerably higher than these standards are possible even when a user follows the manufacturer’s operating instructions.”

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